5 Things I Wish Single Mothers Would Shut Up About

single moms I saw an interesting article the other day whilst perusing several news sites. The title, 5 Things single women should shut up about, was catchy for sure, but what the article was implying at first glance had me thinking the author was gonna be mobbed and would never write a story for anyone ever again!

The author, to my surprise, was a single mom herself. Now if anyone has the right to talk about single momhood it would be a ‘single mom’, right?
Author Christina Majaski added lots of humor which made it a very fun read.

She hits the nail on the head with this story. Read 5 Things I Wish Single Mothers Would Shut Up About and then come back to let me know what you think.

A Proud Stepdad Moment

It IS a brave new world!

Kids can surprise you sometimes. As a dad of seven (3 from me, 4 from my wife) you can imagine how many times on a daily basis I get ‘surprised’, ‘bewildered’ and damn near shocked!

Today’s example comes to me courtesy of my 14yo stepson Iain. He is quite the character. When I say that term it still does not give Iain justice. He is one smart dude on all things history, from the Roman era to battlefield weaponry used by every civilization known to man!

He also has an imagination that would make H.G. Wells proud. Usually that wonderful imagination consists of how to annoy the living bejesus out of his siblings. But today was one of those days where I have become truly awed at his wit, style and spontaneity. Working from an idea from a ‘punch a prompt’, (I am a new writer so this is all Greek to me) Iain immediately thought of and wrote the following short story. I am so proud of him for his impromptu story and I would like to share it with y’all: Continue reading

Every one should meet online!

love relationships online datingWith the surge of social media sites in recent years, it’s only natural that being “social” with someone can and does lead to dating. Currently there are more than 1500 dating sites in the U.S. and the number is rising. More and more people — men and women alike — are drawn to world of Internet dating.


It’s easy? It’s comfortable being behind your laptop? Laziness?

All of the above and more. Anyone on the dating scene can see how rough it really is out in the jungle. You just never know who that person is sitting next to you on that barstool. I’m not going to go over all the pros and cons to Internet dating, but I will give you my humble, yet one-sided opinion.

I believe EVERYONE who wants to date should first do so online. Brief history time: I never belonged to any social media site. When I went through my divorce in ’05, I was ready to hit the dating scene! I was cocked, locked and ready to rock! The bar scene was just ridiculous. How men can spend all their time at a bar trying to “hook up” is beyond me. I was all for meeting women and having a good time, but I found the quality of said women lacking.

Disclaimer: To any women hanging out in bars, no offense, I was still living in CT — they weren’t my type.

Over a few beers at a family barbeque, my younger brother offered up some advice. “How about starting a page on MySpace?” he asked. I said, “Isn’t that where all the pedophiles hang out and troll?” Look, I didn’t know anything about these sites, okay? He laughed and told me no, that he and his wife had a page with their kids and you could share pics with family and reconnect with friends.

What the hell did I have to lose?

My brother gave me the basics on setting my page up and I was off! It was cool! Anyway, back to why I think it’s the only way to go. One night, I received a message from a woman from Houston, TX. The message simply said ’Hi hottie’. There were a lot of MySpace whores online trying to spread porn around and when you click their link you would be in virus hell! (don’t ask how I know) I figured this woman was no different. My thought was confirmed when I checked out all the hot, beautiful pics on her page, until I saw one pic that showed her with her young daughter. I sent her a generic message that said hi and asked about the weather down there and that kind of small talk.

She messaged me back shortly after.

After that, we messaged each other all the time — asking all sorts of questions about each other. We talked religion, politics, family, sex and nothing was off-limits. The fact that she lived 2300 miles away let me be totally honest with her, and her with me. I guess we both figured that there was no chance of us ever meeting so why front?

We messaged all the time! This went on for about 5 weeks. Finally, we got tired of writing so much that she offered up her phone number, asking if I would like to talk.

Of course I called her immediately! Her voice was angelic. We talked and texted multiple times a day every day for several weeks.

We fell in love without even meeting!

I saw pictures of her on her page and she sent me newer pictures, but I was dying to actually see her. Anyone that has ever met someone online knows that some people use pics from years ago or use pics that are ’just right’. Then when you actually see them you’re like “seriously? Was I talking to your sister?” I already told myself if she was half as good looking in person as she was in her pictures I was good with it. After another few weeks of talking each others’ ears off, she asked if I wanted to meet.

Oh boy, moment of truth

We decided it best if I flew to Houston so she could be on her “own turf”. No prob. I flew to H-town a couple weeks later. I was nervous. We were on our phones trying to locate each other but I saw her first. She was coming up an escalator 2 floors below me while I was coming down. She couldn’t see me but I saw her and I was shocked!

She was freaking beautiful!

I suddenly had the terrifying realization that I was way out of my league. I’ve dated some good looking girls in my day, but no one like her. Any man that has lived in the north and then has had to travel down south for the first time knows what I mean about a southern girl. Anyway, we met and it was wonderful. She was the same person I’d been talking to for months and I fell even more in love. Needless to say we made the distance work until we married 1 year later.

We have been married now over 5 years and still going strong! I believe with all my heart that as long as you both are honest with your questions and answers you WILL find your soul mate — even if your life together begins online.

The Famed G-Spot – Finally Found

Everyone has heard about the G-spot, that elusive part of a womans anatomy that she SOOOO wants you to find!

g spot sexuality and orgasm

See what I mean?

Many men (and women for that matter) have searched unsuccessfully for this elusive Grail. I personally had a 10 year journey where I couldn’t find it with a freaking roadmap! (that’s a whole other story) Some think it could never be found and others still just figured it was all a fairy tale (like Cinderella or a gorgeous liberal).

Leave it to scientists to unearth the truth about mysteries of the universe (intelligent design ring a bell?). This time they may have it right. A controversial new study was unveiled, revealing the location of the ACTUAL G-Spot! Take a look (not literally!) and tell me what you think about this report from Fox News.

The Better Wife – Bane of the Bitter Ex-Wife

covenant marriage

My second wife -- the better wife.

This is my first post to The G-Spot and most of the stories and musings here will not take on the tone of this one. As Dragonslayer (a nickname given to me by the love of my life), I must raise my sword in defense of my wife — the better wife — the shining gem in my crown. My ex spouse cannot seem to move past our divorce and get on with her life. Even though remarried, she continues to write (or attempt to write) a divorce blog with thinly-veiled jabs and digs at both my lovely wife and me. In her divorce “no-no” list, she says people should never get married if they met online. My gorgeous wife and I met online and we fell in love before ever meeting in person. There’s more nonsense there, but I’m not going to link to any of her virtual groaning boards.

First Wife Syndrome – It’s the real deal

I’m sharing an article with you, from The Post Divorce Chronicles, that depicts my ex spouse to a tee — right down to her interrogations of my children after they’ve visited us and her bitterness at our readily apparent, joyful happiness together. We’re happy despite all her projection and narcissism. I hope it gives strength to the other better wives out there, struggling with an ex wife’s desperate attempts to continually interject herself into their true and covenantal marriages. Here’s the link to the post.

In all fairness, there is a post there about Second Wife Syndrome. This syndrome occurs when the second wife harbors some jealousy and bitterness toward the ex spouse for various reasons. And for the record, my wife is anything but jealous and bitter toward my ex spouse. In fact, she prays on her knees daily for her (something I can’t bring myself to do yet). My wife has nothing but generosity and prayer in her heart for the woman — yes, my wife prays for the very woman that obsesses over and continually disparages her. I know, I’m damn lucky.

Does your new, better wife, have to deal with pettiness and jealousy from your ex-spouse? Spill it right here — on The G-Spot!