The Better Wife – Bane of the Bitter Ex-Wife

covenant marriage

My second wife -- the better wife.

This is my first post to The G-Spot and most of the stories and musings here will not take on the tone of this one. As Dragonslayer (a nickname given to me by the love of my life), I must raise my sword in defense of my wife — the better wife — the shining gem in my crown. My ex spouse cannot seem to move past our divorce and get on with her life. Even though remarried, she continues to write (or attempt to write) a divorce blog with thinly-veiled jabs and digs at both my lovely wife and me. In her divorce “no-no” list, she says people should never get married if they met online. My gorgeous wife and I met online and we fell in love before ever meeting in person. There’s more nonsense there, but I’m not going to link to any of her virtual groaning boards.

First Wife Syndrome – It’s the real deal

I’m sharing an article with you, from The Post Divorce Chronicles, that depicts my ex spouse to a tee — right down to her interrogations of my children after they’ve visited us and her bitterness at our readily apparent, joyful happiness together. We’re happy despite all her projection and narcissism. I hope it gives strength to the other better wives out there, struggling with an ex wife’s desperate attempts to continually interject herself into their true and covenantal marriages. Here’s the link to the post.

In all fairness, there is a post there about Second Wife Syndrome. This syndrome occurs when the second wife harbors some jealousy and bitterness toward the ex spouse for various reasons. And for the record, my wife is anything but jealous and bitter toward my ex spouse. In fact, she prays on her knees daily for her (something I can’t bring myself to do yet). My wife has nothing but generosity and prayer in her heart for the woman — yes, my wife prays for the very woman that obsesses over and continually disparages her. I know, I’m damn lucky.

Does your new, better wife, have to deal with pettiness and jealousy from your ex-spouse? Spill it right here — on The G-Spot!